Vedic Maths for NGO’S

The low quality of education in much of the developing world is no secret. Just like a normal child struggles with his mathematics in an urban environment, the child in a village struggles more because of the low quality of maths education given in a rural setting. According to Pratham, in 2012 46.5% of children in Grade 5 had failed to do simple two digit subtractions. Now this is where the Vedic Maths System of Mental Arithmetic can help. There is indeed a dire need for this right at the grass-root level.

We have partnered and would like to partner with NGO’s and Schools who teach the under-privileged. We would be happy to partner with your NGO or School and take vedic maths to your students. They need it the most.

We pledge to contribute to provide our services for teacher and student training in Vedic Mathematics to such schools. We pledge our materials consisting of various books and DVDs also for the up-liftment of the students in Mathematics. You can feel free to contact us at if you would like to take this training for the benefit of the under-privileged.