“I feel smarter than I was before.” – T. Mukadza, Grade 6 learner


“Feel good, because I enjoyed the new methods and it makes it easier for myself also to work it out now.” – M. Groenwald, Grade 3 teacher


I was more confident after our Maths period with the workshop.” – S. Sienna, Grade 6 learner


 “Yesterday I felt bored about Maths but after the workshop came I wanted to learn more about Maths.” A. Stefaans, Grade 5 learner


 “Really enjoyed seeing how excited the learners were when they saw how easy the steps were.” -  C.A. Sampson, Grade 5 teacher


 “Very relaxed atmosphere but positive learning taking place.”–S. Naidoo, Principal


 “Great lessons, methods and teaching! Fun and interactive!”–A. Mansura, employed


 “This type of methods could have been useful when I was in school.”  - P. Magan, employed


“Its amazing the entire Journey from getting a few corrects to getting all Correct. I too can now calculate quickly and for the first time In my life could 1 enjoy maths! Its really beneficial and I Guess everyone should attend this workshop, especially those who have maths-phobia like me. “Isha Dalal
First Year
J.D.Birla Institute, Kolkata

“I attended the High Speed Vedlc Mathematics workshop which was held at Kolkata. Earlier I did not reel confident when I did large problems requiring calculations without a calculator Doing large calculations also wasted a lot of precious time during the exams.

After the Vedic Maths course I used some of the Methods thai I had learnti during my exams like the Base method. All from 9 and last from 10. Simple Squares etc. and found out to my amazement that not only was my time saved during the exams but also my accuracy had increased dramatically as well. Also. I did not require a calculator to do little problems which earlier I used to do. The most enjoyable thing about this course was that I did all my calculations orally and thus I did not scribble on my answer sheets during my exams but wrote everything neatly and cleanly thereby increasing my accuracy as well. I feel every engineering and coomerce student who takes part in competitive exams should take this course as it is really useful”

Dhananjai Chitlangia
2 nd year
IIT kanpur

“Excellent!! This forum is really a Miracle!

Sarthak Mullick
Standard IX
Birla High School

“At first I hated Maths, now on coming to the workshop I have started enjoying the subject to my delight!

Saunak Chaudhuri
Birla High School

“The overall workshop was thoroughly enjoyed. Methods taught were simple and could be mentally solved which will help the students to attain confidence. Workshop to be organized from school to school at all levels.The methods will help the students to check their answers which will build their confidence. Maths phobia hopefully will disappear. Thank you for your efforts.”

Suvra Roy
St. Teresa’s Secondary School

” Vedic Maths Simply Rocks! “

Shabana Hanif
Standard X
Welland Gouldsmith Girls School

“Spread Vedic Maths by awareness and make math easy “

Heena L. Timani
Senior Lecturer
H.L. Institute of Computer Application

“Maths cant get better than this.”

Reshman Sharma
Standard IX
Delhi Public School, Ahmedabad

“I learnt many new things and it’ll help me to become a very good human being. Vedic Maths should be introduced from Kinder Garden level to become more effective.”

Preeti N.Suchak
Senior Lecturer
H.L.Institute of Computer Application

“Continue spreading the great heritage of our Indian Culture.”

Sahil Gadhavi
Standard X
St.Xaviers High School Loyola

“I liked the background which was cool and calm and the basic methods taught. I feel that my speed has increased by 90% which increases the skill abilities fully.”Dhagesh Gaurangbhai Shah
Standard X
V.R.Shah School

“I like that our teacher was taking interest from heart to the questions which we asked. That was a big thing to learn friendly Maths”Dhwani Patel
Standard X
St.Kabir High School, Ahmedabad

” We liked the way of teaching, they way of interacting, making us feel involved in the subject. I think more time should have been given.”Gargi Maheshwari
Second Year B.C.A.
H.L.Institute of Computer Applications

“We enjoyed the presentation and explanation of the rules.”Patel Himanshu
Senior Lecturer
Nirma University

” I feel Amazing!!! It is just lightening of inner flame.”Agnera Sagar
Illrd Semester
Nirma University

“The workshop was really interactive. Earlier we had no stint in having fun doing Maths. This workshop made Fun possible.”Chittal Shah
Third Year
Nirma Universiry