Online Course For Teacher

40-Hour Certified Online Vedic Maths Teacher Training Course
With the level of Numeracy Standards going down globally there is a huge demand for new alternative methods which make maths fun and interesting. Vedic Mathematics is one such method which strengthens the fundamentals of children and eliminates Maths phobia.

As a teacher looking to help students in the classroom, Vedic Maths adds a new dimension to the maths classes. One problem can be solved in different ways through Vedic Maths. With technology making it possible you can now take up the Certified Online Vedic Maths teacher training course from just about anywhere.

Certified Vedic Maths teacher training course Highlights

There will be 40 live ‘One on One’ one hour lessons online and all the Basic and Advanced concepts and proofs of Vedic Mathematics will be taught. The course will be conducted online as per your local timings and at a time convenient to you. Currently the course is offered in English, French, Hindi and Bengali. We soon plan to include classes in other languages as well.

Course Duration
The duration of the course is little over 40-days and you will be taught the complete Vedic Mathematics along with practice and speed building sessions. The course is very flexible and moves with your pace. So whether you are a fast learner or a slow learner, the teacher moves along with your pace and help you grasp the concept. Questions and Discussions are strongly encouraged in the spirit of learning.

Course Materials
Along with the 40 live ‘One on One’ classes exclusively for you, in the teacher’s course you will be sent our popular 8 DVD set on Vedic Maths by Gaurav Tekriwal plus three other reference books on the topic. You will also be given worksheets to build your speed and tests to gauge your proficiency. Also all the course power-point presentations will be shared with you so that you can take advantage by directly presenting it to your students.

You will also be taught marketing strategies and methods to make Vedic Mathematics popular in your community.

Who can attend?
The teacher’s course is open for School and College Level teachers and for anyone who is passionate towards the subject. We also invite students, entrepreneurs, managers’ home-makers and grand daddies to take advantage of this course for their children and community.

Career Opportunities
We have exciting career opportunities where you can apply to work with us- no matter from which part of the globe you are. You could be teaching Vedic Mathematics to students Online or you could be opening your own chapter of the Vedic Maths Forum in your city. Apart from the remuneration which you would earning you would be rich in international experience by being the part of the World-wide Vedic Maths Movement.

If you know a language, native to your country you could be instrumental in spreading the word to people in that country.

Course Fee
The Course Fee for this is US $ 297