Implementing Vedic Maths in the Classroom

Showing the learners an alternative way to calculate can be one of the best gifts you can give them as a teacher. Students lose interest in maths because it tends to be so appalling and bleak.  In such an environment if you teach them to take advantage of this system it will be exciting for the learners. You would be basically clearing the path for the students in maths and helping them in a big way.

Form groups in your class and give them a Project in Vedic Mathematics. They could find the 5 ways to do say 88 times 88, or say do a report on the 16 maths sutras.

As a teacher you could perhaps share with them the practice worksheets given here and see them make the most of it.

Every week you could organize a Vedic Maths Class where a teacher from India beams on the classroom walls and teaches them a new Vedic Maths Sutra.

For more ideas on implementing Vedic maths in your classroom and beyond contact us.