Why Vedic Maths?

One asks what is the relevance of Vedic Maths in today’s world where we have calculators and computers. What is the need of a mental calculation system called Vedic Maths?

As of 2013 globally maths skills are on a decline as per the TIMSS (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study).Even with the best of calculators and computers, children can’t do basic maths in today’s world. For example in South Africa there is a Math crisis looming large as because over 53.7% of the students fail the national senior certificate examinations. In India, according to the ASER 2012 (Annual Status of Education Report) over 75% of Standard five students can’t do division (3-digit by 1-digit problems) and over 73% can’t subtract (2 digit problems with borrowing). In the United Kingdom, over 17 million adults have maths skills of an eleven year old or worse according to the Telegraph, United Kingdom.

Clearly the computers and calculators are not helping our children. Students and parents along with them struggle for doing basic mathematics.

In such a scenario this system becomes appropriate as it is simple and easy to understand and do. Vedic Maths makes maths fun and enjoyable for students and it increases their interest levels in the subject.

Alarmed by the state of the decline in maths education, United Kingdom have actually withdrawn calculators from the primary level of education and have started giving importance back to the traditional methods to uplift the maths scores.