Friends of Gaurav Tekriwal

jainJain was born in Sydney to Lebanese parents; he has enjoyed a lifetime involvement with the Fibonacci sequence and the 5 Platonic Solids which taps into the highly visual hemisphere of the Right Brain. He works with Vedic Mathematics , a 2,500 year old Indian system of Mental Arithmetic which empowers students to perform mental calculations, in many cases quicker than a calculator.

Jain loves to present his huge body of work and inspires people through his workshops and presentations. He also continues his research into Sacred Geometry, Magic Squares, Platonic Solids, Fibonacci Sequences  and their relationship with various atomic structures.

Jain is an active associate of The Vedic Math Forum India and can be reached at

kranti_kiranKranthi Kiran is a virtual genius at several highly complicated mathematical calculations . His interest in numbers originated during his childhood and he noticed his potential when he was in class six. Since the tender age of 11, he has stunned even the renowned mathematics experts, with his outstanding and immaculate mathematical skills , thus earning him a title of a ‘mathematical prodigy’ .

He has given over 800 demonstrations of his ability at prestigious universities, other educational institutions, social gatherings, TV, Radio, etc in India and abroad. Now a software programmer, Kranthi Kiran has over the years perfected and refined some techniques of quick calculation. And the best part is he is able to put all of the knowledge in a beautiful book titled Calculations @ The Speed Of Light .

Kranthi has done hundreds of performances of his lighting speed calculations and inspired people through his workshops and presentations. An expert of 2500 years old Vedic Mathematics , Kranthi is one of the few people in the world who can teach ancient mathematics to solve the problems of the contemporary mathematics.

Kranthi Kiran is an active associate of The Vedic Math Forum India and can be reached at

v_unkalkarVishwanath Unkalkar is Masters of Science from Karnataka University. Vedic Mathematics is his active interest along with singing and playing the keyboard. He has published over 15 research papers and has actively participated in four national conferences on Vedic Mathematics held at Bangalore, Bidar, Chickballapur and Sullia (South India).

He has published a series of twenty five articles on High Speed Vedic Maths in Marathi Language in newspapers such as Tarun Bharati Daily at Belgaum and In Kannada Language published in Kali News Weekly, Dandeli.

Shri Unkalkar has himself conducted over 25 workshops and seminars and over 300 lectures on High Speed Vedic Mathematics in India and also in the United States including the premier Lock Haven University. He has also authored ‘The Magical World of Mathematics’.

Shri Unkalkar has recently retired from the services of the research centre of West Coast Paper Mills and is now fully devoted for the promotion of the knowledge of High Speed Vedic Mathematics.

Shri Vishwanath Unkalkar is an active associate of The Vedic Math Forum India.

r.sujarithaR.Sujaritha is an active associate of the Vedic Maths Forum India and trains students on the concepts of High Speed Vedic Mathematics.She has been active in field for over three years and has good experience in teaching the Vedic Mathematics Skills to students of various age groups. She is currently based in the southern metro city of India, Chennai and soon plans to take the Vedic Math Concepts to various parts of the globe starting with Muscat, Oman and thereafter to the United States.

Visit Sujaritha on her blog at and you can contact her for consultation on her expertise and she will be more than happy to help you out with your math problems.