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Vedic Maths for NGO’S

The low quality of education in much of the developing world is no secret. Just like a normal child struggles with his mathematics in an urban environment, the child in a village struggles more because of the low quality of maths education given in a rural setting. According to Pratham, in 2012 46.5% of children in Grade 5 had failed to do simple two digit subtractions. Now this is where the Vedic Maths System of Mental Arithmetic can help. There is indeed a dire need for this right at the grass-root level.

We have partnered and would like to partner with NGO’s and Schools who teach the under-privileged. We would be happy to partner with your NGO or School and take vedic maths to your students. They need it the most.

We pledge to contribute to provide our services for teacher and student training in Vedic Mathematics to such schools. We pledge our materials consisting of various books and DVDs also for the up-liftment of the students in Mathematics. You can feel free to contact us at if you would like to take this training for the benefit of the under-privileged.


Know Vedic Maths? And want to make a real difference with your new Maths skills? Well Volunteer! Volunteer to teach under privileged children. These skills will make a real difference to those children in honing up their maths skills and helping them ace the subject.

Teaching children is like getting taught from them. When we started teaching under-privileged children we found they are not at all under-privileged. They have everything what a normal child has and if they are given the right direction they can go a long way making this world a lot better place.

Why should you volunteer your services when you can sell them?  Why should you spend a Saturday evening with underprivileged children when you could be spending time with your family? Well we don’t have the answers to those questions. Most people volunteer because they want to give something back and find they get much more in return. We hope you find the inspiration you need to take that step forward, because your vedic maths skills can truly change lives.

Open a Vedic ‘Maths Club’

An extension of the vedic maths periods in the classroom is a Vedic Maths Club. The club is an informal way to organize students around their personal interest in Mathematics in a school. Its their fun maths time and let them go manic. They love to learn more when they are having fun. And Vedic maths does just that!

Appoint a president and a secretary from among the students. Let their creativity unleash. With the resources and materials needed to run a math club available from the Vedic maths forum, engage them as they build pyramids or cut a pizza to make them enjoy fractions or simply hold an impromptu quiz.

Implementing Vedic Maths in the Classroom

Showing the learners an alternative way to calculate can be one of the best gifts you can give them as a teacher. Students lose interest in maths because it tends to be so appalling and bleak.  In such an environment if you teach them to take advantage of this system it will be exciting for the learners. You would be basically clearing the path for the students in maths and helping them in a big way.

Form groups in your class and give them a Project in Vedic Mathematics. They could find the 5 ways to do say 88 times 88, or say do a report on the 16 maths sutras.

As a teacher you could perhaps share with them the practice worksheets given here and see them make the most of it.

Every week you could organize a Vedic Maths Class where a teacher from India beams on the classroom walls and teaches them a new Vedic Maths Sutra.

For more ideas on implementing Vedic maths in your classroom and beyond contact us.

Open a Vedic Maths Forum Country Chapter

Are you passionate about education and feel strongly about making a positive difference and impact on children in your country? If your answer is a confident ‘yes’ you may consider going the ‘Vedic Way!’

A Vedic Maths Forum chapter is about working closely with children in schools, their parents and teachers in spreading awareness on Vedic Mathematics by getting this knowledge to them. Your role would be as a mentor and a facilitator of the courses being given by the forum to them. You would be the interface between the students and the forum and share the limelight and the credit of bringing this unique and timeless dimension of maths to them.

Needless to say you reap the rewards year on year for your contribution and generate goodwill for redefining education in your country as a change-maker.

To open a Vedic Maths Forum Chapter in your country you would need to be a citizen in good standing and be able to take on challenges in your way. You need to resonate with our mission of making society love maths in addition to demonstrating leadership in your past.

For further details and discussions about opening a chapter please mail Shree at who will only be glad to assist you in walking the ‘Vedic Way!’

Invite us for a Talk

Vedic Maths is gripping! It’s motivating and it shows an alternative way to calculate. This may form as a subject of a talk in your school, college tech fest, university or your next conference.

The Vedic Math Forum India adds value to your event by bringing in their expert team of trainers to introduce your students to this wonderful system.

All our talks are free as all good things are and will always be.

The objective of the talk is to remove the rigid Math-phobia prevalent in students and inculcate a love for Mathematics.

To organize a talk in your organization contact us and we will be happy to bring it to your students or community.

Organize a Vedic Maths Workshop in your City

   “Be the change you wish to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi

Do you like Vedic Mathematics so much so that you would like to spread it? Do you believe that Vedic Mathematics with its striking methods can revolutionize and change Maths Education in your country? This is your chance to Be the Change!

Join the Vedic Maths Movement by organising a Vedic Mathematics Workshop for your city. It would be your way of giving back to your community by supporting and encouraging kids to learn the system. Ignite the fire in them to achieve mathematical excellence through Vedic mathematics.

The Vedic Maths workshop is dynamic, awe-inspiring and effective with interactive discussions, documentary films, computer presentations, numerous examples, and mental exercises with a focus on developing and transferring skills spontaneously.

Over the last few years The Vedic Maths Forum India has organized hundreds of captivating workshops in different countries in association with various Workshop Coordinators.

You could be the Principal of a school, or a student or even a corporate house manager or an entrepreneur. Organising a workshop is simple.

The Vedic Maths Forum India Team will mentor you on how to organize workshops. What you need to do and pay attention to and how can you have a successful workshop by focusing on the few important points.

So charge yourself up, give us a call or send us an email. Tell us where you want to organize a workshop and we’ll be at it working with you as team partners.