Open a Vedic Maths Forum Country Chapter

Are you passionate about education and feel strongly about making a positive difference and impact on children in your country? If your answer is a confident ‘yes’ you may consider going the ‘Vedic Way!’

A Vedic Maths Forum chapter is about working closely with children in schools, their parents and teachers in spreading awareness on Vedic Mathematics by getting this knowledge to them. Your role would be as a mentor and a facilitator of the courses being given by the forum to them. You would be the interface between the students and the forum and share the limelight and the credit of bringing this unique and timeless dimension of maths to them.

Needless to say you reap the rewards year on year for your contribution and generate goodwill for redefining education in your country as a change-maker.

To open a Vedic Maths Forum Chapter in your country you would need to be a citizen in good standing and be able to take on challenges in your way. You need to resonate with our mission of making society love maths in addition to demonstrating leadership in your past.

For further details and discussions about opening a chapter please mail Shree at who will only be glad to assist you in walking the ‘Vedic Way!’