About The Vedic Maths Forum South Africa

The Vedic Maths Forum (South Africa) has been promoting Vedic mathematics in South Africa over the last five years. It was founded by Mrs.Neshni Naidoo and since then the forum has been conducting workshops talks and presentations to spread the idea of Vedic mathematics and to raise the standards of numeracy in South Africa.

Through its innovative teaching approach across several media, the Vedic Maths Forum (South Africa) has trained and reached over ten thousand students who continue to take advantage of this amazing system.

The Vedic Maths Forum (South Africa) aims to realize the hidden potential of a student and develop his mental abilities faculties whereby eliminating the fear of Mathematics completely through High Speed Vedic Math. The focus is on creating Mathematical interest among students and improving their overall academic performance by strengthening their basic fundamentals of mathematics.

Over the years the forum has worked with several schools,departments of education to take the message of Vedic maths forward.The Forum looks forward to connecting and working with various stakeholders in the education system to spread the love of learning Mathematics.

Meet our Founder Mrs.Neshni Naidoo