Darshana Rama

Darshana PhotoMrs Darshana Rama: Marketing Consultant

Darshana Rama has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cape Town. Upon completion of her studies, she joined SANS Fibres in Bellville as a Process Engineer in their Engineering Department. During her 10 years at SANS, she worked on a number of projects, performing diverse roles such as plant optimization, process development, new plant commissioning, staff training and development and mentoring.

Darshana is an Indian Classical dancer, choreographer and teacher.  She has been dancing since the age of 5 and has been involved in social and cultural upliftment and development of children and young adults through art even while pursuing her mainstream career.  When SANS closed in 2009, she was formally appointed as the Principal of the Vadhini Indian Arts Academy in Cape Town.

Through her association with Mrs.Naidoo, she also worked for 18 months as an Experi-Buddies™ facilitator, introducing young children to the magical world of science. Darshana completed the Vedic Maths Teacher Training Course through Vedic Maths Forum India and thereafter joined Vedic Maths Forum South Africa as a Marketing Consultant.

A teacher at heart, she is continually exploring new ways of teaching and inspiring her learners and firmly believes that learning should be exciting and fun in order to be effective and have a lasting impact.